Communication with pokeys57CNC

Hello. My name is Bobby and is my first post. I just discover you software and look nice and promising. I just try the demo version and can generate a clear GCODE to use in auggie & controlling pokeys57CNC. Is my first CNC build , so the question, if can write the comunication with pokeys i will buy a license. Also i think many peoples use pokeys and you software is build in intuitive way. I planning to use only for cutting and if the code is write ok , probably to engrave too. Is just for my hobby nothing PRO i just start to build from scratch.
Auggie use M3 for laser similar with you code as GRBL-M3 . Sorry for my english. Thanks.

I’ve never seen this controller before - it doesn’t look like it has any laser specific features, so it may not be well suited for laser use. It is unlikely that LightBurn will support it without evidence of a significant number of people wanting it.

It is a CNC-controller made to work with Mach3.
If we consider it in the same family as the ethernet based SmoothStepper and some other board made for Mach3, then a grand total of 5 people have asked for this, out of our total base of 10,000 users I think it is now?

Mach3 is not suitable for use with lasers, as Oz notes.

Happy to discuss other controller choices with you if you’d like.

Until i read , is just a plugin for mach3/4 , same can be made in lightburn , anyway. The reason i choose this controller is because are so open and i can configure how i wish. I’m microcontroller programer (microchip,nxp,stm… " excluding arduino" ) , let me a way to can write a communication plugin in you software and i can doit my self (C, C++, java " no python" ) . I can share my work after that with you. Thanks

And i think have some laser features , but you decide anyway.


Any chance to get support on the interface mentioned by @wangine ? Or maybe can be a way to integrate plugin for mach3 of pokeys57cnc in you software ? We can discuss the license + extra price for that interface ? Is not that hard

Don’t bother , is unuseles , he will ignore you like he do with me

We simply can’t support every controller out there. It takes time and effort to add and maintain, and without a reasonable number of users on a given platform there’s just not enough potential return on the time investment.

At some point in the future I plan to write a generic, configurable GCode generator that will let you customize the output. Even that will not allow connection to arbitrary machines, but could be used to generate GCode for most.

As for giving you a way to do it yourself, there’s no way I could reasonably do that at this time. LightBurn is closed source, and the driver back-ends are complicated, multi-threaded, and heavily dependent on other parts of the LightBurn code for support. It also has to compile and run on 4 different operating systems, using 4 different compilers. What you’re asking for isn’t simple.

Yes it is, i just took a look in you software and exist so many ways to implement external driver, even keeping the software closed source . Yes you have right , it is dependent of security parts of lightburn . Dont take it at offense , just as advice , you put so much complex security code until is a mess inside , but you’re programmers just past close to the point , they let at least 6 security open gates something like " dont see the forest because of tree’s. Send me a email and i can show you in private. Thanks for you time

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Dont worry man , is not that hard. Right now i write small code to interpret the the code of GRBL-M3 over USB/serial and the code will translate with STUSB1600 to pokeys.Just to test , is just funny .

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