Communication with Ruida

We have 3 Win 10 computers communicating with 2 different Ruida machines. My big desktop has recently (last couple of days) started having communication fails when talking to the two different lasers. When I restarted the computer, communication was restored. I also noticed if I ping the laser, all iterations are successful and communication is restored.

Is it possible to open 2 instances of Lightburn on the same computer for two different lasers?


If the lasers were both using USB it would work, but this doesn’t work when using Ethernet connections because Ruida uses a fixed communication port from the laser to the PC, instead of the normal way of just responding back to the same port.

What ends up happening is you can open as many LightBurns as you want, and they can all see and talk to the lasers, but only one of the lasers can respond properly.

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