Communication wtith controller failed with OpenBuild BlackBox 4x

I had a small 7W laser that I bought from OpenBuilds and I also bought the BlackBox 4 controller to run it. Apart from some random loss of signal once in a while, it worked great with LightBurn. I’ve recently upgraded and build my own DYI 90W Co2 laser and brought over the BlackBox controller. when I open the BBox in the OpenBuild software it works great. Homes good and everything works as it should. With that same setup, I open LightBurn and when it connects I can move the head around and even send a project that Burn. The issue comes when I try to do a couple specific things.

  1. Homing, It homes perfect, but when it’s finished It wont let go of it. The progress bar still shows 100% and like it’s going to finish any second, just never does. The only way to make it let go is close the program and pull the usb. 75% of the time when you restart it you can reconnect. 25% it says the “port failed to open- already in use?” 2. This ones weird. If I open LB and go straight to machine setting, there’s a good chance that it will open, but if I close the machine setting dialog box and immediately reopen it, it will give me "communication with controller failed. If I do anything else first it will always give me that error. I do have to tweak the settings and use the Home function and I’ve spent the last week and a half with the makers of the BlackBox and they left it with “It works with our program, it has to be LightBurn”. I’ve striped everything down to the BlackBox only with no motors or any connections at all to eliminate any electrical noise issue and no difference. Again, I don’t have those issue when using the OpenBuild controller program so It has to be a software issue and not hardware. In one of the Pictures I added, you can see when I open the machine settings it fails at $122=400 every time and stops the grbl. I should be $122=4000 and 6 more commands after. any help would be 100% appreciated. Pulling what few hairs I have left!!
    There are all just basic setup settings.
    Screenshot 2022-07-05 012537

These are additional Images. Just in case it gives someone a clue at the end I added the console list from the OpenBuilds program, parts 1,2.


Control 2

Sorry so many images. Trying to give as much info as possable. On that note, im running the new 1.2 lightburn and even deleted it and rolled one back and made no difference.

Before I disconnected everyting from the BBox

Try different baud rates and transfer mode. Looks mostly like a communication issue.

Consider testing this also in laserGRBL to see if behavior is any different.

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Also worth mentioning in the Device Settings window ( Edit - Device Settings) you can toggle between Buffered and Synchronous communication.

Downloaded the schematics for BlackBox 4 and found the FT232R USB to serial chip in the schematic. Pulled its data sheet. The data sheet says Asynchronous communication on pins 1 & 5 (I assume from this that Buffered is correct). I would also experiment with the DTR on / off toggle in that window.

Had a quick look at the 1.1g and OpenBuilds CONTROL 1.3
Do you have an ESP32 or the ESP8266 on the

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