Como reiniciar el programa desde cero (How to restart the program from scratch?)

Como reiniciar el programa desde cero, al parecer cambie una configuración y todo me sale ligeramente deformado cuadrados torcidos,letras comprimidas

How to restart the program from scratch, apparently I change a configuration and everything comes out slightly deformed crooked squares, compressed letters

como reiniciar el programa para que inicie desde cero para tener la confihuracion de fabrica, todas las figuras qeu realizo me salen desfasadas, torcidas

how to restart the program so that it starts from scratch to have the factory configuration, all the figures that I make are out of date, crooked

You can reload a set of Preferences from when Lightburn worked ideally for you.

These steps are fairly simple.
Launch LightBurn without a project.

Click File. (Archivo)
Then click Load Prefs Backup (not yet translated)

Select a file from the list that contains a date when LightBurn was working well for you.

Deformed, crooked squares and compressed letters can also emerge as components shake loose with normal use. If the problem is not resolved with an earlier Preferences file please feel free to attach pictures to a reply here so we can see what you’re seeing. :slight_smile:

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Solucionado, no era problema del software la correa estaba floja , solo ajustar y listo

Solved, it was not a software problem, the strap was loose, just adjust and that’s it

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