Compatibilidad entre programas (Compatibility between programs)

antes de la ultima versión, podia copiar y pegar imagenes desde corel draw o desde alguna página de internet.
Ahora simplemente no se puede. Hay alguna solución?

gracias a todos.

Before the last version, you could copy and paste images from corel draw or from some internet page.
Now you just can’t. Is there any solution?

thanks to all.

I don’t have Corel Draw but I have no problem copying an image from clipboard (whether from website or otherwise) into LightBurn.

Can you provide a specific example of what you’re seeing? One thing to keep in mind is that you may need to click onto the workspace before you can paste properly.

haces clic en una imagen desde un navegador, seleccionas copiar imagen.
haces clic en el area de trabajo de lightburn, quieres seleccionar copiar o pegar y no aparecen disponibles o activas las opciones. con versiones del año pasado si se podia.
Uploading: imlight1.jpg…
Uploading: imlight2.jpg…

you click on an image from a browser, select copy image.
you click on the lightburn work area, you want to select copy or paste and the options are not available or activated. with last year’s versions if you could.

I think you may have sent before the images were uploaded. Can you try again?

As for the images, I just tested this and it worked without a problem.

copy image2

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