Compatibility between lightburn and the RNR Ecomotion board

Good morning,

I am building a homemade 60w CO2 laser machine and I would like to know if ligthburn is compatible with the RNR ecomotion board.

If so, I can create and run g-code inside lightburn, without needing mach3, correct?

And i need some special driver?

Thanks a lot for the help.

If it runs Mach3 today then no, it’s almost certainly not compatible with LightBurn. You may be able to generate gcode that could be run in Mach3 but no certainty in that and you’d likely need to modify the gcode in some way.

Thanks for answering.

Doesn’t lightburn replace RNR Ecomotion?

I assume you’re referring to a motion control board. If so, then no, LightBurn does not directly control hardware devices. It communicates with specific controllers to accomplish the task of running a laser.

The LightBurn website lists the type of controllers supported:
LightBurn Software

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