Compatibility of a Ruida 644XG

Hi, I want to know if this is a compatible controller. Also want to verify if I use Lightburn that I do not have to install anything from the disc that came with the machine? Not very sharp with computers / downloads/ program installations.
Thanks You

As far as I know all Ruida controllers are supported.

If you go thought Ethernet, then there should not be anything you need to load.

If USB, then you will probably need drivers… I don’t use windows, so I’m not aware of where they are or come from. Don’t need them on Linux.

Suggest you download a ‘trial’ copy and use it…

You can’t beat Lightburn…


Thank you Jack. I did just that and it was so simple I couldn’t believe it. Now I just have to learn the Lightburn processes to help my wife use it.
Thanks again,

Really, in the laser world I don’t think there is a better program than Lightburn for using lasers. I’ve actually used it to do work on my little cnc machine, which is grbl.

There are lots of videos by Lightburn and others that can help you design what you want.

Have her use this site, it’s one of the best. There’s also maker forums

Good luck, take care


Thanks again Jack. I will let her know.

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