COMPLETE noob... Help!

I am a complete and total noob to the laser world, though about 15 years ago I was pretty well versed in CNC g-codes and CAM/Photoplotter. I’m also 70, so at this point tech is passing me by.

Just setting up an Ortur Laser Master 2 15w in a little 4x4 extention of my ManShed, just enough room for me to stand in front of a shelf with the laser and computer on it. I have a 18x18 ceramic floor tile under it and I made small brackets to hold the laser in place.

I’m ready to try it. The 'puter and LB see the laser, but like a couple other threads here, the grid file I just bought (to etch on the tile) is not sent to the laser. There’s a ‘fail’ popup. The machine turns on, parks at ‘home’ (bottom left), and shows a blue light and also red/violet lite on the control board. The controler is whatever Ortur ships with.

I hobby-build electric guitars and I bought this to cut small accessory parts that I hope to sell online. I also belong to a maker space that has a couple 60w Epilogs, but machine time can be hard to get sometimes, hence my purchase.

Please keep answers at about a 6th grade level, I’m dumb as a bag of hammers and for this old geezer, this is quite a brain stretch.

Thanks for the help…

Please share this popup you see. What is the exact wording and what is this file, you can post the file here to help, if you are willing.

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