Comprehensive source for explanation of Lightburn's machine settings

I’m wondering if anyone has a link to a good description of what each of the values refers to. From what I could see, the manual doesn’t go into detail. When I see things like accelerations, speeds etc for “start speed”, “jumpoff speed” etc etc. I can formulate a good guess but want to be sure what I’m entering. Also, under machine settings, there are speeds and accelerations in cut parameters, engraving parameters and then also in the _- Axis settings, throw in a few other variables and I’m thoroughly confused.

Just want something that I can keep as a reference.

I started messing with values and none of them seemed to affect what I was trying to change. Figure this would be a better way to go about things rather than just guessing and testing, guessing and testing…

I used to think I knew how these worked…

I tried to answer you here


AFAICT, the “descriptions” come from the woefully under-translated controller manuals, so what you see is about all you’re going to get. Nobody, nobody, knows what those values do.

It’s not as if laser controllers come with tech manuals written in the old-school HP / Tektronix manner: comprehensive descriptions of how the machinery worked and what effect the options have, with schematics in the back for those inclined to get down with the electron flow.

Heavy sigh, etc.

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