Computer crashed and now all save libraries are gone Possibly one drive issue

Over the weekend my computer either crashed or updated, when I restarted it my library said it couldnt be loaded and all art libraries were gone. when I attempted to reload, a pop up states that they already exist but i cant see them. I have lost multiple designs that i have created over the last few years. I have tried to do a recovery but no solution.

Sorry to hear that Dan - If the files were saved to OneDrive, you can likely download them again from OneDrive via your web browser, presuming they were not deleted outright from that system, and only locally.

As with anything mission critical, having extra backups beyond trusting the files to a cloud storage provider is advised. We unfortunately see this sort of issue regularly - especially with OneDrive corrupting files while working on them. To date we don’t quite understand the mechanism that causes this, but we always do recommend working locally if at all possible.

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