Computer crashed had to redownload lightburn now ruida will not cut

Hi my computer crashed without me being able to save my settings. I have downloaded 16.1 on my new computer windows 11 and although my OmTech 80 was working perfectly when my computer went down now with the new one I can not get it to cut. I think that there might be a setting wrong in sending it to my laser. I have been working hours on this. Is there anyone here that can help me?

Try reloading a backup prefs that works.

I don’t have access to a preference. I have no way of accessing anything from the other computer. My files themselves we saved on OneDrive but when I open one it opens to all the new information. Am I just not understanding?

Help us understand what’s going on. You say it isn’t cutting. Is the laser connecting to your new computer? Does the gantry move? Does the laser fire at all?

Perhaps upload a screenshot of your lightburn project showing your Cuts/Layers and Laser windows.