Computer died how to transfer license

Hi peeps my new computer died after a week :frowning: I had deactivated my license from my old computer via the deactivate button, I can’t get into Windows on the new computer to do this again :frowning: is there a way lightburn can reset my activations ?


I did the coffee through the keyboard thing to my poor (now gone) laptop 2 weeks ago. Lightburn sent me this link, which proved to be simple and accurate:

You can use it to access our license portal and remove the older computer yourself:
Manage your License Activations with the License Portal – LightBurn Software

EDIT: With this link, you can unregister your old computer AND get access to the key which you’ll add to the new computer

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@GJM DUDE !!! wow send me ur paypal address and ill flick you some cash you are literally a life saver :smiley: !!!

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Glad to help…but hey, it’s Lightburn support that did the trick

FYI: I tried to have my laptop revived at a UBreakIFix and it could not be saved…HOWEVER…I asked them to remove my hard drive (a 1 TB SSD) and then purchased (on Amazon) an enclosure for that drive to convert it to a USB drive. Turns out, the drive itself wasn’t damaged and, after a little finagling with BitLocker, was able to get access to all of the data from the original laptop! THAT was a lifesaver.

Everything is awesome when part of a team! All working together to help each other. The plan is working…(said while rubbing hands together with a sinister demeanor). :slight_smile:

@Rick I believe the spelling is: “Mwahahaha!”

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