Computer won’t find laser on lightburn

Hello. I am beyond frustrated because I may have to buy another computer if I can’t get this figured out. I have an Atomstack A5 pro and a Mac-version 10.12.6. I have connected two other computers to this laser but for some reason mine won’t automatically connect. The laser connects by USB port. I know the USB port works because i can charge my phone from the laptop. I called geek squad and he stated that my computer is not compatible with the laser. But it just doesn’t make sense, as I have connected two other Macs to the laser with no issue. Help before I make the move to buy another laptop… sorry but I may be a little computer illiterate- so please use “dummy terms.”

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Which OS?

Also, you may have an issue with conflicting drivers, as discussed here:

It is an OS Sierra, I Believe. Thank you i will try that link you sent and get back to you!

You are definitely in the “Y” part of DIY lasing now. :slight_smile: These little systems are targeted to the Windows users and little support is provided from the manufacture getting things working with Macs. Others have successfully done it, so there is a community to help.

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