Con el comando $32=1 (With the command $32=1)

Buen día alguien me puede ayudar tengo la máquina sculpfun s0 y al momento de mandar a grabar en línea, hace todo bien, pero me deja la línea de traso, ya puse el $32=1 pero al hacer eso ya el láser no sale con potencia así lo tenga al 100% y me dice error que vuelva a la configuración anterior

Good morning, can someone help me? I have the sculpfun s0 machine and when I send it to be recorded online, it does everything well, but it leaves me with the line of waste, I already put the $32=1 but when I do that, the laser does not come out with power So I have it at 100% and it tells me an error to return to the previous configuration

Are you working in mm/minute for your speed setting?
What speed and power are you requesting?

If you command an engraving speed that exceeds the engraver speed limit a reduction of power output (and control) will happen.

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