Concentric Line Fill Possible?

Let’s say I have some skinny borders I want to create around something. The borders aren’t so skinny that they’d only occupy a single laser line, but maybe 5 or 10mm thick. With the “Fill + Line” function, the burn takes far longer going from left to right, skipping over a wide open area each time than if it simply followed along the length of the border in a concentric rotation.

(…am I making that clear?)

I can’t seem to find any setting that allows for “concentric fill” or any other modification to the decisions LightBurn uses for filling that would accomplish a concentric fill path.

Have any of you noticed this and/or found a way to accomplish a concentric fill?

This is exactly what ‘Offset Fill’ does.

It takes a significant amount of time to compute, and the motion can be a bit weird if you use it on complex shapes, so it’s not recommended for that, but if you have a large open frame that you want filled, it’s perfect for that and will likely outperform flood fill for those cases.

HA!!! PERFECT!!! :smiley:

Thanks Wizard! What would I do with a brain if I had one? Hehehe.

Exactly what I needed.

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