Configure R3 Rotary in lightburn with GRBL Controler

Hi all

Beside the Atomstack X7 Pro I also bought the Atomstack Rotary R3.

I can’t find the documentation about the exact configuration of the rotary. The rotary is working, I configure the Roller diameter (16.5mm).
But, what is the value for mm per rotation?
A axis is recommended but it goes to X-451 and Y-451 position and I get different ERROR messages.

Anybody can help? TKS

mm per rotation is the belly-error

it’s used to adjust the belt length around the circumference of the object you’re engraving.

This video shows a rotary table that is similar and he explains how to apply the correction. I found it misleading because Rich said that his rotary was spot-on but there’s a 20.04 mm per rotation correction showing and it was close to his roller diameter - I chased my misconception for several hours.

Thank you JohnJohn. The video helped a lot.

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