Confused on order of engraving and cutting for my first cut

Hi, Im new to the laser side and ready to start my first print and got it all ready to go except 1 thing. The file im looking to do has all the following and not sure order to do them in. Ive read that inner cut should take place before outer cuts. But what about engraving lines and lettering, should they go before I do the inner cut or after the inner cut and before the outer cuts? This might be a stupid question but Im trying to actually get it correct the first time. I have a XTool D1 Pro 20 watt laser that i plan on using for this cut.

Apart from having the outer cuts last (you don’t want the objects falling out or moving) I would say it is a matter of personal preference. I always engrave first then inner cuts then outer cuts

Ok Thank you very much that makes sense but just wanted to ask first before making an other cutting error. Made the mistake of cutting outside first and ruined a small project, so I learned that but I didn’t think that rest would not make a difference but thought to check here first.

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When you are new at this, this is more of a dream and rarely happens…

It appears you didn’t either… part of the learning curve…

Any time you use any kind of machine, think about what happens at/to the material…

If you have engraving and you cut that out before you engrave, your focus/location will not be correct as the part is now loose.

I do all my cut layers last and use the optimizing to cut inner shapes first even if I’m cutting the whole part out…

When you do the cut, it should be a completed part with all the engraving you need completed.

Might check out the tab option… it helps hold parts in place…




The Preview tool should become your Best Friend: always watch what the laser will do before it does anything:

Running at 40Ă— realtime should make it almost painless.

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