Confused trying to upgrade to V 9.02

G, morning :grinning:
I first purchased Lightburn with v 8.07. I was able to properly setup my diode laser and got it working perfectly with the help of the Lightburn Forum.

Note I did upgrade to Grbl 1.1f and my machine is set for GRBL device. I also fine tuned the Grbl $ commands to fine tune the laser speed.I am able to burn Awesome photos and text.

I upgraded to Lightburn v 9.01 when it first came out. No matter what I did I was unable to get the Laser working so I reinstalled v 8.07 and was back to burning perfectly. I waited untill v 9.02 was out and upgraded again. This time the laser responded to commands, (Sort of). I made it a point to check and confirm that my Device, Grbl $, and Lightburn settings were the same as in v8.07.

What happens with v9.02 is when I open and load a saved file the laser responds with exaggerated motions, example when I use the Frame or Start command… When the Frame is used it frames about 5-times the size of the burn I want to do. The Start command does the same. I am unable to set the size of the Burn because of the this.

I have gone back and by uninstalling v 9.02 and reinstalling v 8.07. With Lightburn working perfectly.

Any help with this would be appreciated so I can upgrade.


Can you tell me what type of controller you’re using? LightBurn shouldn’t care what it is, and the commands sent for framing and movement are the same between the different versions, so I don’t understand what would cause what you’re seeing.

The 0.9.01 version definitely had some issues with GCode devices, so no surprise there, but they should be resolved with 0.9.02. Tell me what physical controller you’re using (or post a picture of it) and we’ll go from there.

Hi Oz,

Thank you for your quick response too.

This is a Bachinmaker laser. Here is my conroller:



That’s an Arduino Nano (possibly a clone), but that should work properly with the generic GRBL profile. As long as you’re not using “GRBL-LPC” I would expect that to work fine.

Do a simple test for me? Use the 0.8.07 version to save GCode for a simple rectangle, say 10mm x 20mm. Also save it as a LightBurn project, then use the 0.9.02 version to load that same project and save GCode again. Post both GCode files here so I can verify that the commands are the same.

No Problem Oz. It will a few though

Hi Oz,

Ok here are the 2-files… Box Version 8.07 - Copy.gc.lbrn (24.6 KB)
Box Version 9.02 - Copy.gc.lbrn (34.7 KB)

Oz, the file upload would not allow me to send .gc files so I added the .lbrn file extension. Just remove that extension to bring it back to a g-code file.


That’s very odd - the move commands are all the same. The scan code was changed to use G1 moves for everything instead of G0 moves, but that’s it, and shouldn’t affect the size of anything.

Try this: in 0.9.02, use “run gcode” to run the gcode from the older version, and vice versa. Do they both do the same thing?

Hi Oz,

I did what you said and the laser started the scan process. Using the Run G-code for both the 9.02 and the 8.07 caused the laser to start the burn and both operated the laser the same.clicked on the Start or the Frame (Square) Buttons the laser moves twice the distance as the laser starts.

Seems that the Start and the Frame Buttons are causing the problem.


When I

Ok, I think I found the issue. I had the Use Selection Origin toggled on. Instead of the Cut Selected Graphics toggle on.

I apologize for causing you to go in circles over my user error.

Thank you Oz for your help.