Congratulations LightBurn on another new product segment

I personally do not need to be able to control sewing machines with LightBurn and would rather have the development efforts spent on laser machines…
I also have to say hello from my old grandmother and say that she is a little pug because her old “Singer” machine is not supported (yet).
Another not-so-nice side effect is that my wife now claims half of my workshop for her new online baby clothes business after her “Pfaff” is supported in LightBurn. :grimacing:


its missing Ricoma! PAH! Uninstall

…I hear Oz say, “they can never have enough”…

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Double uninstall :stuck_out_tongue:

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First Singer and Juki took over the living room:

Then Handiquilter captured a bedroom:

My Basement Shop is the last redoubt …

:hammer_and_wrench: :heart: :sewing_needle:


… that’s exactly what I fear :frowning_face:

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Lol, opposite issue here! Hubby has an outdoors hobby that has taken over the basement, the lounge, the conservatory…he has wet suits and metal detecting and now motorcycling stuff everywhere. I, on the other hand have one small spare bedroom…

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Use your female talents to get what you want. It works for my girlfriend.

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mmmmm, I don’t have so many female weapons, actually none :face_with_spiral_eyes:

That is because you don’t look like a Sandra. Sorry, it is Kobayashi Maru for you.

Wow…didn’t know Juki and other machine used the software. Juki is very nice for sure.

correct :+1:

why always me…? :flying_saucer:

Late evening yesterday shifting some heavy stuuf in the garage. Wrenched my shoulder…and in Aussie its 6,18am had very little sleep due to the pain in my shoulder added to a very warm muggy night….the half awake I open my iPad and find a couple of scammer emails and the weekly LB revue….and read about sewing machines !! Now having not had a good night sleep and my admitted not to brilliant brain fully functional, I would simply roll my eyes and mutter …some clown doing April fools stuff days after the 1st, but my dearly beloved came back to bed with a tray with Tea for me coffee fore her…picked up the iPad read the new sewing machine compatibility in LB and wants me to get it downloaded so I can…teach her how to use it.

Now needed is a good explanation that its……er held back awaiting a bug fix!

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That’s life, mate. As far as I have heard last Sunday there was an internal vote at LB, between sewing machines or 3D food printer, in fact I am happy now that it turned into sewing machine support. The idea of sharing my workshop with a machine that prints vegan chicken wings is unsustainable.

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Yes, but does it taste like chicken?

I almost bought it, but the fact that you left off Husqvarna sewing machines let me know LB was not serious about supporting sewing machines! :upside_down_face:


… have no idea, nor will try artificial food :wink:

I can relate. My wife took over the kids large playroom with a Juki, a surger, and I forgot the other names. There’s also a graphics design desktop computer, a spinning wheel, a large cutting surface, and there used to be a fabric printer (that was a charlie foxtrot but not her fault). Then again, I have a workshop (part of the year anyway) and one spare bedroom.

The gray plane in the background was a nice ping pong table and is now the biggest quilting layout table evah.

Works for us! :grin:

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I can’t complain, she has giant quilts and what not and I have giant rockets and what not. Only seems fair