Congratulations, LIGHTBURN !!

Congratulations, LIGHTBURN ! ! !
I have been using this program for some time.
The features offered by this software are amazing.
My laser cutting machine was developed by me and my son, all mechanical, electrical, electronic and firmware parts.
Despite looking like many Chinese, we achieved usability and accuracy like few others.
Thanks to LIGHBURN I can do everything I imagine with great ease.
See some things done on this machine together with LIGHTBURN.
Once again Congratulations LIGHTBURN.

The PCB in the photo was all developed by us with optimized firmware for optimal usability and accuracy. Of course with the great features of LIGHTBURN.


Congratulations to you too !, it looks very interesting.
Do you have commercial plans with this board?

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Hi Bernd. Yes, soon I intend to market it as a kit consisting of this board, stepper motors and drivers. With this set I got a great performance eliminating several problems I see on many machines. Thanks.
Here in Brazil we are marketing a machine using this board. It is used for making mockup of packaging in the graphic industry (I’m graphic design, too).
See this link: SkTec Soluções em Tecnologia - Laser Cutter EM AÇÃO

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You are a versatile man! I wish you all the best of luck with this project. I wonder if your new board could be used in a K40, but then other plug connections will probably be needed. But it could be an interesting market!

Looks good… That CPU looks a lot like the ESP8266 series I use here… easy to code on that. Did you do the PCB mask with LightBurn, or did you actually burn the mask off with LightBurn? Always wanted to try that on some of my projects… Nice work.

Hi Paul Szudzik, it’s not ESP8266, I’m using code optimized by us (me and my son). The assembled plate was made in a specialized company. The “Sktec” board made using matte black spary paint. The circuit was generated in “PROTEUS” and I used the Gerber files to burn the ink with the laser. After burning, just wash with water and detergent and then corrode with Iron Perchloride.
With the file Gerber “Drill” I made the drilling in a CNC router. Thanks.