Congratulations LightBurn!

Now LightBurn is finally available to the entrepreneurial industry.
Cutting asphalt or concrete has always been a challenge, but not anymore.

In collaboration with one of the major players on the market, LightBurn has succeeded in making a diode cutting machine that can be easily operated via an app, of course with LightBurn as the driver for the machine. The existing wifi module can be used if you don’t want to roll out a long USB cable, which can be purchased separately. (small trailer with rollout unit and 200m cable)

Right now, Oz and his team are in the process of deciding whether this version will be marketed as “HeavyBurn” or whether they will keep the LightBurn brand.

It is not stated whether the new version can be upgraded from one of the existing versions of LightBurn, after all it is only a (slightly larger) diode laser, and the earnings should preferably come from the hardware sold.


WOW, That’s amazing!!!
I’ve always wanted one of those for myself.
Appropriately introduced to the public today. (of all days)

Well played, Sir!

I’ve been on the beta since last April. Well worth the upgrade. :+1: :+1:

Yeah, we were just talking about this one time…Thank goodness you had steel-toe boots on for that one test we did, huh?