Congratulations 🎉 Oz! & Team!

Looks like the laser manufacturers have caught on that in order to stand out they are now offering Lightburn as a key selling point .

You’ve worked hard @LightBurn congratulations :balloon::tada::champagne::confetti_ball: on being the best !



Indeed, it’s good to see that he and his team’s hard work is paying off. At least I hope there’s a nice arrangement in there.

Slow, methodical, world domination…


One laser at a time, then when all the lasers are yours you can start on the CNC routers.

Soon everyone will follow the yellow brick road to the land of Oz.
Because, because, because, because, because… because of the wonderful things he does!

I wish they all would see the light. I requested a proposal from a German Company for a bigger machine. I told them I prefer to use lightburn instead of the RDworks they usually deliver with their machines.

The proposal reads, if I would install lightburn I would forgo the warranty on the lasertube. They know lightburn but because too many settings can be changed by the user without being able to password-lock them they can’t control what the user is doing and therefore can’t be responsible for the tube.

Perhaps most of their customers have no idea about the machines they are using? I am glad I got my Chinese black+red first as kind of learning allows me to eventually understand all important details involved with owning and running a Co2 laser…

This whole world is crazy with being able to control! Trust the people!


That’s just a massive load of horseshit. Anyone with 4 brain cells and Google can type “Ruida vendor password” and find it online. If companies properly set the power supply so it didn’t overdrive the tube they wouldn’t have resort to limiting it in the vendor settings of the controller.


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OZ, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. It’s just a shame. Overall I think they have a decent machine and service.
Here in Germany using a laser can go south very fast as soon as someone is using it commercially. Now we are talking about protection classes etc. The gouvernment is looking very closely for all the regulations to be followed exactly and they can be pretty fast shutting down things down.
I ran big a CNC machine center (woodworking) in the US, no way this could have been activated in Germany without completely fenced in, active door look sensors etc. Whether you are a one man show or Mercedes Benz the rules are the same. I’m not there yet to take the plunge for some commercial activities…

I think some EU-dealers build some mystery around their machines or else it will be very difficult to explain the huge price difference from their purchase price from China to their retail price of the same machine. Most machines delivered today by the more renowned Chinese manufacturers comply with all (European) electrical safety requirements. This lesson the Chinese have learned. It still struggles with the performance / quality of the mechanical part, but nothing that justifies over 100% extra price as many “importers” put on the resale. And not at all if their only job is to paste a new label on the cover. And no, the guarantee is not the importer’s problem either. The importer always gets extra machinery in addition to the agreed amount, only to meet the warranty requirement. This is “normal” within many business associations, especially those with China.

By the way, this is only my personal experience, within the EU !!

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Too bad there isn’t something called firmware which could limit and control power to the laser tube and prevent damage. Someone should invent this thing called firmware. LOL

The Ruida has that, but their argument is that since a user can access those settings, not just the manufacturer, that they can change and break things. My argument is that if the power supply, which has a tuning potentiometer on it, was set properly neither the firmware setting nor the password to guard it would be necessary.