Connect different sized circles

I am looking for a way to connect the outer edge of two circles of different sizes with a line, and then delete part of the circles inside the lines so I am left with only an outer edge. This is my starting point, but I have 4 objects and I want it to be one object as an outline. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hello. I think you should have 2 circles and one rectangular object instead of two lines. Select all 3 objects and use the Merge tool

Make your 2 circles and select all, go into ‘arrange’ and ‘select create rubber-band’
then ‘select all’ and use the ‘boolean’ to ‘weld all shapes together’.


I am not the OP and yet You’ve teached me a function which I’ve never used before and I’m lovin’ it.

Thanks for the reply!
GalkinTolik I haven’t figured out how to make an odd shaped rectangle like you did. :slight_smile: Any suggestions on how to do that?

I tried the rubber band method and it did EXACTLY what I needed it to do! Thanks!

Never knew about “create rubber band” I love it.
Thanks for the tip.
I am also interested in how to create those odd shaped rectangles.

… must admit that I have also “seen” the rubber band function for the first time, even though it is from 0.9.18 and I think I have missed this function a lot.
It is these gold nuggets that make the forum so useful, Thank you

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LOL, add me to the list of people who were blissfully ignorant of the “rubber band” function. That looks very handy and I’ll bet I use it quite a bit now that I’ve been… educated.

It’s like easter, the kids are looking for eggs and little gifts and are happy, i have Oz suspected of saving all the little gems so we find them one by one and become just as happy as the kids

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i use lightburn daily…had no idea the rubber band was there.

this is brilliant !!!

thanks guys.

I just updated to the latest version and I still can’t find the create rubber band function anywhere, including Arrange.

Never mind, I had to do one more manual update. I found it, Thanks for showing this to us. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Learned something new today! I really need to start fishing around in the menus more often!!!

OMG! I never knew that was a function of the software. I am glad I read each and every topic that is posted on the forum. Thank you,

For the next release I’ve made it automatically re-fit the output back to arcs.

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