Connect to Laser in new window

Hello everyone,
sometimes I have 2 Lightburn windows open. When I want to switch from one project to another I currently have to close the windows with the Laser status “Ready”.
After that the laser disconnects and is connecting to the project in the other window.

Do I have the possibility that I can “force” the laser to connect to a specific window without closing one of the windows?

What is your purpose for having 2 windows open? If there’s no specific purpose then perhaps try creating another device and switching to that other device on the second instance of LB. That way they won’t be competing to attach to the same device.

Sometimes I am preparing the next image because I have one project the front of a wood piece and one project the back and therefore I want to switch between the projects multiple times.

I try it to create a new device and test if this helps.

I haven’t explicitly tried but this approach should work. It’s only a problem when the 2 instances are contending for the same laser. If you are using this to design for the next project make sure the dimensions and device origin are the same.

are you talking about/asking about ‘designing’ in one LB window, while the laser is ‘working’ a job from another LB window?

Unless there’s another way to do that, I too would suggest to do such on a different machine (computer) altogether. But don’t quote me, there are many others who’re much smarter at this, than I.

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