Connected letters breaking apart

I have a customer who wants names cut out of wood for quest seating for a wedding. I’m having trouble with the names staying together since she only wants them 1.5 inches tall. Is there a way to make the connecting pieces thicker between letters? Or a script font that will work best

Can you attach a screenshot of what you’re dealing with? Potentially different remedies based on your specific conditions.

Check out this site. LightBurn Tutorial | How to add fonts into LightBurn | DaFont - YouTube
I had some success with it but if not then there are dozens of free and paid computer font sites out there.

Can you add offset to Script letters that are already connected?

If you have a few names that need modification you can convert the letters to curves and edit the nodes. Which means pushing nodes around. That might not be feasible for dozens of names. The best would be to modify the font but I don’t know if the fonts can be modified. Or find a better font.

You can also play with the kerf size which offsets the beam path. I think you would have do the opposite for the internal letter shapes. Again time consuming.