Connecting 3 nodes together?

Hello everybody!
I was wandering if anybody knows what should I do?
I have this “flexible pathern”

And I think I need to connect this together. I don’t think connecting 3 nodes (3 lines) together is possible - is it?

The problem is, that when it is not connected, the laser is cutting it somehow strangely.
It jumps from one place to another. I understand if it is the “fastes way” but sometimes it jumps in a way that it just can’t be faster. Like here:

First it made the short line numb.1 (above the arrow) than I would expect that it will continue as I draw the orange line, but it stopped and jumped to the other line numb.2

I just don’t see how that is good. It happens quite often, so I think if I could solve this somehow, it could save a lot of time.

Any ideas?

You can’t attach more then two lines as far as I know.

You an use ‘edit nodes’ and place another node close to where the two original lines meet and attache it there.

If you zoom way in to do it, it will be very close and might not be noticeable…


You definitely cannot join 3 nodes together.

However, try this:

  1. group the lines segments you want to be cut together
  2. in Optimization Settings in Laser window change the order list to “Order by group”

This will likely have other repercussions but may be a start.

Never tried that… :thinking:


Can also play with the cut priority under shape settings.

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