Connecting a creality flacon

Lightburn does not see or connect to creality falcon and is no on list of manual connect machines. I am pretty sure it has a 32 bit controller. Please to give some guidence.

It might be a Marlin device.
If the config file is locked up it could be quite challenging to work with.

If it’s Marlin and if the Config file was on a chip or SD card that came with it, that would be most helpful.

I believe all the Falcon devices are GRBL.

Can you confirm that the device is detected and driver seen in Windows? If so then LightBurn will be able to connect to it. I believe your laser uses standard usbser driver.

You can confirm this by checking Device Manager->Ports. There should be a COM port assigned to your laser.

If “Find my machine” doesn’t detect it then setup the device manually.

Thanks to everyone for the helpful advise!. my problem turned out to be tf card issue, I had to reload the bin file in the root directory and delete all the other files. Then to do a reboot on the falcon to reload the operating files. The bottom line after two tries lightburn reconized the falcon. Thanks to all!!!

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