Connecting and setting up Ruida RDC6445S

I am building a new laser using a Ruida RDC6445S controller and Lightburn Ver 1.0.02. I am new to both of these and need a little bit of help, please.
Firstly, they are connected via ethernet and although the icon on the Ruida screen shows a connection, the computer will not recognise the controller, I have set the IP address the same in both the Ruida and the computer. I got the address from a video on YouTube so not sure if that is correct. The Ruida didn’t come with any documentation.
Secondly, when I start the machine it tries to drive off the stops. On the Ruida start up screen it shows the X and Y positions 10 metres away. How can I change this?
I have watched a number of videos on YouTube but none seem to cover this subject.
Thanks in advance

That is wrong. You have just created an IP conflict. The addresses have to be on the same network / subnet.

RDC6445G User manual

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