Connecting laser to lap top with windows 11 and no built in ethernet port

I just got aa HP envy laptop running Windows 11. The lap top does not have an ethernet port so I am using a USB to Ethernet connection. I cannot get my thunder 35/80 to connect. Can anyone help me?

Getting kind of desperate :frowning:

Do you have a wifi router laying around? I did that and made it a bridge.

I’m not sure how you configure the USB/Ethernet, but would assume you would have to change the laser to the proper address range. My Ruida is a ‘static’ address.

Might help if we could have a link to the device or better still the manual. That would be a great clue…


Can you include some pics of your Ruida controller showing IP address?
And what does that ethernet cable plug into?

Can you include a pic of what IP address you are assigning to your laptop?
Where does the laptop cable plug into ?


so if you are connecting directly from laptop to laser, then both are end devices, which are probably both using the same Transmit pair of the ethernet cable. So you either need a Cross over cable, or a small 4 port switch in the middle for them to communicate.

To check if cross over cable, with tab down, look at first two wires: should be orange on one end, and green on the other. If both orange, then it won’t work, as that is a straight cable.

Since no reply in 2 days, hoping you worked it out.

Cross over cables were no longer required in the early to mid 90’s… Any hardware built since then can detect this on it’s own.

I plugged in my wife’s Windows machine directly into the Ruida. Had to change the Ruida IP but worked fine.

I don’t know how the USB would work with Ethernet, I would assume a unique driver.? No place that I know of to tell it anything about the IP address…


Yep, depends on the device, but since not a native ethernet / esp a USB to ethernet, might not support MDIX.

With no switch or router in the middle, No DHCP either, so he’ll have to manually set an IP on both ends, in the same subnet.

Again we are guessing w/o pics.

The Ruida is a static device using UDP


Auto-MDIX did not become standard until Gigabit ethernet so if it’s slower and doesn’t explicitly support it automatic crossover cannot be assumed.

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Agree, and that was originally on the switch side, not device.

Jack is correct, Ruida is static, so has to be manually added.
Looks like the laptop is new, so assume Ruida was working before on ethernet.

Laptop is not static by default, and if no DHCP, will probably use APIPA and use a 169.254.x.x which wouldn’t match what is on the Ruida, and still wouldn’t work.

They don’t need a gateway, just the same subnet.

Hopefully Deborah can confirm her specific situation.

thank you all for suggestions. I got it to work after entering everything a million times. one little mistype and its all over. everything is working now. :slight_smile: smile:

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hehe, so glad to Hear Deborah. amazing how computers do exactly what is typed, instead of what we are thinking.

Probably a good thing.