Connecting lightburn to AWC7813 controller

we are having problem connecting to AWC7813 controller via network, we can manage it using the usb connection , no problem, but when we add the controller over the network it times out , although we can ping the controller from the lightburn PC, is there anything we are missing here ?

There is an entry for Trocen controllers, if you create one manually.

During the setup Lightburn asks for the connection method - Ethernet requires the IP of the device. Most of these are static, so might tell your router to bind it’s IP to it’s MAC address, once working.

Did you setup a new device?

What times out? OS, controller or Lightburn?

Are you on a bridge, router or ?

Sounds like you have most things handled, so we need to get more specific.

Such as controller Ethernet plugs into what and then?..

If you can ping it, I’d say it’s connected… ?

Did you follow the Ruida or dsp setup procedures for Ethernet? Keypad may be different, but the general idea should be similar.


“times out” , on the console it will attempt connection retries and it times out after about 10 tries,
The ethernet connection is over an 8 port switch, with all the devices on the switch is pingable, This tells me the controller is on the network, one thing i have not done yet is to connect the laser to the controller , which i am thinking is not needed at this stage to prove connectivity ?.From a networking point does anyone know the tcp port lightburn tries to connect to ?

How do you expect it to talk if it’s not connected?

The device wizard gives you the option of a Trocen, then what type of connection… followed by you entering the ip address of the device.

With a Ruida you have to set it’s ip via the machine console. I don’t have a Trocen, so I can’t really advise you on much more.

Try installing a new device for it.


Hi the setup process is more or less the same ,The device is configured to connect via Ethernet instead of USB, although the USB connection works perfectly fine. I’m able to control the X and Y movement even without the laser being connected, which is precisely what I anticipated with the Ethernet connection

How can this possibly be? If there is no connection to Lightburn, it can’t send the codes to move the axes…

I think I’m missing what you mean by connected or not.


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