Connecting lightburn to mini grbl controller

Good morning I just bought a K40 that had a mini gerbil and was running lightburn .I saw it demoed brought it home and installed lightburn on my own PC. the computer seems to recognize the mini gerbil but I don’t have any drivers for it and it doesn’t seem to be downloading any and lightburn it shows waiting for connection any tips would be greatly appreciated I can’t get the software to do anything to the laser itself.


First, you should choose the ‘Gerbil’ device profile, not GRBL-M3. That will likely make it do everything else automatically.

Part of the reason it’s not connecting is that you’ve chosen the GRBL-M3 profile and have to connect that one manually, by choosing a COM port, here where it says ‘(Choose)’:

Awesome I can’t wait to get home from work and try. now is there any other documentation that I should be aware of? I watched all the videos and searched The Forum without picking this up

We have new documentation being written that does a better job of walking through this:

Thanks I Appreciate it!

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