Connecting Lightburn to SainSmart STB5100 controller

I am new to CNC and have recently purchased a Sainsmart laser. The information I have says it is a stb5100 controller. The laser came with software that is difficult for me to use, but the controller connects to my computer. I downloaded Lightburn and am excited by its apparent ease of use. However, it will not connect to my laser. I have tried to automatically connect, and manually connect with a variety of combinations of options of ports and language combinations, with no success.

What should be my next steps.


That is a Mach3 compatible USB motion card, but I’ve never seen it before - I can tell you it’s very unlikely to be compatible with LightBurn. SainSmart usually sells the GRBL controller with units for laser use - that controller is compatible with LightBurn.

thanks for the quick reply, and that is unfortunate. I really liked the setup of Lightburn compared to other programs. I will move on

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