Connecting Nodes

I know this has been raised numerous times, but it’s an issue that still hasn’t been corrected. I have a file that I’ve worked way too long to try to get two nodes to connect. So far I have tried snapping the nodes together (at least 100 times), “close path”, duplicating the line to see if the new one would snap together, inserting a new node and deleting the problem node, and drawing a new line to connect the two nodes. Nothing has worked. My only remaining option will be to redraw the entire image. Does anyone have any suggestions that I haven’t thought of yet?

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  1. select the object currently affected
  2. Arrange->Break apart; this will results in all segments of the original object being separate parts
  3. select all segments of the original object
  4. Edit->Auto-join selected shapes; this should reconnect all aligned segments
  5. If you still have the disconnected node try now to snap the node ends together

If this doesn’t work can you take a screenshot what you’re dealing with or upload your .lbrn file here.


THANK YOU!!! That worked.

Glad that worked. I’ve noticed what seems like the occasional “corrupted” node scenario where for whatever reason nodes can’t be joined. Breaking apart and rejoining typically will resolve those scenarios.

I’ve found this more for imported objects. I don’t think I’ve seen this occur for objects drawn in LightBurn.

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