Connecting Open Shapes

So I’m trying to get a cup engrave set up. I keep having open shapes set to fill that it tries to remove. I have read through a bunch of forum posts and youtube videos and I still can’t figure this out. I went in and set the line nodes as close as I could to the lines I need it to close with. I even broke lines and tried to connect and I’m still getting open shapes. I tried using the auto join option, close paths with tolerance. I just can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix this.

If you could post the ‘lbrn’ file here, I know someone will be able to help

If you can attach the lbrn or lbrn2 file, it will be easier to address the glitch you are experiencing. It sounds as though you have attacked from all sides but there’s something throwing a wrench in the works.

vaultforforum.lbrn (141.3 KB)

Here is the lightburn file! If someone can figure out what the heck is going on and point me in the right direction for the future I would forever be grateful!

Jessica, there are a few nodes that aren’t connected, but what is the final look you want to achieve ?

Is this roughly what you’re looking for?

vaultforforum-MW edited.lbrn (142.6 KB)

I knew on one side there were some still not connected. I was working on a couple on the left side of the image but none of them would ever close. So I didn’t even continue around because it just wouldn’t do what i wanted it to haha. I was hoping to have that outer circle fill, next not, trapezoid shapes fill, sprocket and V not engrave, little circles fill. If that makes sense lol.

Thats almost it. They were wanting to do the little trapezoid shapes filled and then the sprocket and V not engraved.

Something like this?

vaultforforum-MW edited.lbrn (139.4 KB)

Yes! But see on the edges of the sprocket it engraves them? I ended up with something pretty close to this and could never get those edges to stop inverting like that.

Do you mean more like this?

Yes!! I don’t know why I couldn’t get it figured out. You know at one point i think I was at this and then i did something and screwed it all up.

Ok, file attached.
vaultforforum-MW edited.lbrn (150.2 KB)

Thank you so much, I had literally spent hours on this, and was just running into roadblock after roadblock.

You’re welcome. Glad I was able to help.
The way I did it was to break apart the gear shape then go around each of the resulting segments in turn manually dragging end-nodes onto the corresponding end-node of the next segment until I’d made it into a single curve. For the second part I deleted all of the single curves that represented the outer border of the trapezoid shapes then drew a circle with its circumference just inside the OD of the gear teeth. I then performed a boolean subtract on the circle and gear.


This guy is awesome for all Lightburn-related tutorials.
LA Hobby guy here

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Thank you! I think I’m going to take the original and do some practicing with what you did so if i ever run into this again I can fix it!!!

Thanks! I’ll check him out.

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