Connecting Planet CNC controller

Hi All,
I have a open frame CNC machine with a laser fitted, the unit is driven by a Planet CNC mk 3/4 controller which uses gcode.
my problem is that the Lightburn software does not recognized the controller.
any help on this would be appreciated.

A cursory check and it seems like it’s a proprietary controller. You could try generating gcode from a LB trial, but I don’t think you’re going to have a lot of luck sending it with LB.

I couldn’t find any pertinent information in the user manual for it either, but it looks like it has an sdk, an api, and supports standardized gcode, so there might be some hope. Likely it’ll really depend on how many people want to use this controller with LightBurn, that dictates how fast it’ll be supported.

You could likely generate GCode that could work with it from LightBurn, but it’s unlikely we’d directly support it unless there was significant interest. I have to have one physically to reverse engineer the control protocols, and doing so takes quite a bit of time. The fact that they have an API is slightly promising, but it’s Windows only which doesn’t work for us.

Hi All,
Thank you for all your input, I guessed this would be the outcome.
I will start looking into purchasing another type of controller that is compatible with LB.
Been looking at the Smoothie Board, but it seems that they are in the process of issuing the next generation (V2) , so may wait or if any one uses the V1.1 what is the feedback on this model?

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