Connecting rotary to k40 with upgraded omtech smoothie control board

I have an upgraded omtech smoothie board on my machine which has a specific 4 pin jst connecter labled “E” down in the corner of the board . lightburn shows an “A” axes, but there is no option for an E axes. I’m not sure how to assign this 4 pin plug and set it up in the sd cards config file any help would be appreciated. the E axes is shown in the lower right hand corner on the back of the board . there is also another 5 pin option in the center of the board, but my rotary is just a 4 pin stepper motor.

Not certain but have you tried configuring it as-if E was A? I’m wondering if it’s just an odd label.

only problem with that is the E axes has no pin numbers printed on the board for that axes

Not following. Are they necessary? Based on the printing on the back of the board looks like the pin configuration is the same for the other axes.

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