Connecting the Atomstack X7 Pro to lightburn over Wireless

I have been trying to connect over wireless with no success. Does anyone have a good working procedure for this?

I set the network on the laser and it connected.

When I go into lightburn It doesnt see anything.

Im sure theres a setting somewhere that I am not setting up correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t believe IP connections to GRBL boards are supported. See this closed topic:
Grbl Ethernet support? - Hardware / GRBL - LightBurn Software Forum

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according to their website, it can connect to a network and be controlled over a network, they even plan to create a phone app.

Did you have a chance to read through the linked topic?

I was referring to LightBurn itself. LightBurn does not support IP connections to GRBL controllers.

What Atomstack does from a proprietary app perspective isn’t directly relevant in this context.

Oh damn. I sure was hoping it would be supported by lightburn. I will have to see what Atomstack tech support has to say they use. Thanks

Is USB not an option for some reason? From a quality of life perspective I’d probably choose LightBurn over wireless.

LaserGRBL I know has some facilities to connect with wifi solutions like ESP8266 but not sure how that might work with your laser.

I’ve seen a few Pi’s setup to be wireless with a remote usb connection.

Didn’t search for it, but this may or may not help in chasing something workable down. May be able to run something like this backwards… Just a thought.

Good luck


Does it work over USB-cable for you? I didn’t try over wireless.
I did connect via USB-cable and it works for me.
For this, I installed LaserGRBL and LightBurn. Then first I started LaserGRBL and Installed CH340 Driver form Tools menu. After this, the connection from LightBurn via COMx (e.g. COM3) works very well. I’m happy with my Atomstack X7pro and LightBurn, it works very well.

It works fine over USB. Since the manufacturer touted it as being wireless, I wanted to use it. I just noticed they are about to release a phone app and it does work wireless to a degree, but still not an ideal situation, it just transfers the file, then you have to start it manually.