Connecting the Cubiio 2 to Lightburn

I have here a Cubiio 2, not mine, that i am supposed to get to work on Lightburn. I know lightburn added the support and it is even visible in the list of lasers when you want to add it. I have the latest firmware on the Cubiio, because they state that version is able to communicate with Lightburn. But whatever i do i do not get it working in Lightburn.

I tried when it is on my network i tried when it is sending its own network. I tried to let Lightburn find the device i tried to add it mannualy but it is simly not recognized and keeps saying disconnected. The Cubiio works fine with the app or the PC software but both of them are rubbish so i would love to have this on Lightburn.

Is there anybody here who can tell me how to connect this thing to Lightburn, maybe somebody who has one and allready went through the proces. Or one of the developers? Thanks for looking into this post allready in advance.

Greetz Ronald.

I see what you’re saying. I may have missed the memo. :slight_smile:

I have put in a message to the developer who was working on it.
Many of the developers are out of the office for an event this weekend.

I hope to hear back soon.

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I think the issue is that LightBurn doesn’t know the IP address of your Cubiio 2.

I was able to get around this adding the Cubiio 2 laser using the “Create Manually” option (following the prompts).
Once finished I selected the new Cubiio 2 printer listed under ‘Your Device List’ and selected Export to create a lbdev file.

Edit the created lbdev file add the Cubiio 2’s IP address to the “Info” line as shown below:

“Info”: “192.168.x.x”,

Save the dbdev file, and then import it back into Lightburn.

Remove the Cubiio 2 from the Lightburn list of devies, and import the modified Cubiio 2 lbdev file. Select the new Cubiio 2 laser and Lightburn and click ok.

After doing that Lightburn was able to connect to my Cubiio 2.

I hope this helps.


Hi Talon. Interesting i am going to try this clever solution i will reply here.

Greetz Ronald.

Wow wow wow. And not properly documented by neither Lightburn or Cubiio. But i am grateful because this was the solution i was searching for this does really work. Thank you so much for this answer, you are a wise person.

Greetz Ronald.

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Thank you everybody. I do have a Cubiio2 sitting in its box since I bought it on/with Kickstarter… (2020 ???) But my confidence to actually run it, is nowhere to be found. Partly because all I could find was in Asian script … But this post encourages me … Thank you !

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Thank you very(!) much for this tip!
For this tip, I finally now descided to buy the software - and it works great!
So again: Thank you!!!

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