Connecting USB Cameras

I have 3 USB cameras and none are showing up in the camera list.
I have a Ruida controller on a Chines 50 Watt laser.
Windows 10 PC. The cameras work with other applications.

I’m only using the trial version and if I can get it to work then I will buy the software.

Just got my laser this week.


Interesting update. I asked to extend the trial on my laptop because I installed it way before the laser arrived. My USB camera is being picked up by the laptop copy but not the desktop. I’m not sure what is going on but it would be nice to get it to work on the desktop. I asked to extend the laptop to see if it would pick up the camera built into Laptop. It doesn’t see that one either.
I don’t want to spend a bunch on a new camera or the lightburn software.
Thanks for any feedback.

That would indicate a driver available on the laptop that isn’t on the desktop.

Are they running different operating systems?

The $80 you spend on Lightburn will be repaid many, many times over compared to the utter crap that cam with your laser.

Good luck getting support for RDWorks.

If your desktop is Windows 7, you might need to install the UVC driver bundle. It’s standard on Win8 and later, but an add-on for Win7.

I’ve packed them up and placed it here:

They are both windows 10.
RD works doesn’t seem as good for sure but this is just a hobby and it’s not $80 it’s $104.60 Canadian dollars. Plus whatever the camera will cost me.


I will try that driver.


No luck with that driver.
The camera works fine on the PC just not in lightburn.

Several other users have had issues with driver or library conflicts and other software. I haven’t been able to easily narrow down what’s causing it, but I’m trying to. The drivers posted were for Win7 only, so I’m not surprised that didn’t help.

Problem solved!
Needed a Media Feature Pack in case anyone else has this problem. Search the web and you get a link from Microsoft.


Thank you for this - I haven’t seen this before, so hopefully this is helpful to others too.

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