Connection LightBurn and Atomstack Laserengraver 20w

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I am new to the Forum and also a newbie in Laserengraving and cutting. I was working in several openLab spots but finally got my own little Laser for working at home. I am familiar with the LightBurn Software. Now my problem is, that i the LightBurn Software cant find my Laser. It’s an Atomstack 20W Laserengraver, unfortunately I bought it from Banggood. it’s all set up, but their customservice doesnt answer my question…
How can i connect LightBurn with my Laser? The problem is, that i cant figure out, what type of controller it has. When i run “find my laser” it doesn’t find it, if I want to connect it manually, i need the Controller and i can’t figure out which one it could be. Maybe there’s someone in here who could help me? Thank you very much.
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Well, the net tells me that your laser machine has an MKS DLC clone controller which uses grbl.
Try setting up your laser manually as Grbl with your parameters. There is also a nice guide in “Docs” in the top menu.
By the way, your controller has input options for end stops, if there are none fitted in advance it is very wise to buy extra cable and 2 end stops and mount them, it is very easy.
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well thank you very much sir :slight_smile: i couldn’t find any information about that. This means I cant use LightBurn? or yo don’t mean the software lasergrbl? Thanks for the information about the end stops. I alrdy tried setting up manually with grbl, without success… i’ll try again

If the controller is running GRBL it should work, but they may use a different firmware by default (like Benbox, which is common) or a different baud rate for connection (some machines use 9600 baud instead of 115,200). You’ll need to either know, or try a few different options to see if it connects.

it’s still nor connecting if i select grbl, what do i need to do to make this thing running?

Make sure the board is running GRBL firmware, and that the baud rate it expects is the baud rate selected in LightBurn’s Device Settings. I cannot tell you how to check that - it would be information provided by the seller, or found through the stock software.

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