Connection lost problems from day 1

I’ve just about had it with my laser master 3. with Initial setup the first cable to install i found the female end not sitting fully and loose. I was able to seat it myself and moved on with installation.

then persistent beeping. support gave me steps and commands to rule in to stop the beeping. a way to mask the problem in my opinion. The machine doesn’t beep constantly now but their is no sd card inserted so the commands i was given was just to trick the machine into not beeping.

now i ran my first carve and connection is lost 50-60% thru the carve. 6 attempts and happened every time. I’m wondering if that initial unseated port is causing this issue now.

any advice? thanks everyone

Can you describe this a little more? What cable is it? Does it run to a stepper motor or is it a USB cable?

Bad connection is nearly always a sign of faulty or low quality USB cable. Can you swap out cables and try again?

This makes me think you’re talking about a USB cable in your first paragraph. Can you please confirm?

sorry for the lack of clarification. I’m new to the laser world so forgive me. lol

so the female port on the actual laser for power. this port was unseated and almost not attached to the machine at all. i was able to press it and seat it to the motherboard but raised concerns with support immediately fearing pins could be damaged or bent.

i’m using the usb cord provided with the machine.

No need to apologize. It’s a whole new world with it’s own language :crazy_face:

Are you able to change out the USB cable? It’s possible you got a bad one with your machine. Unfortunately these things do happen.

i can try and scrounge one up that’s laying around somewhere.

maybe you can help me on these additional issues.

updating the firmware.

when the sd card reader is installed in my computer it doesn’t even recognize the card. so I’m not able to copy the bin files to update the firmware. any idea with that?

also when the machine is on and connected i get the a pop up D:\ the directory name is invalid. this usually makes the machine rehome automatically. There is no rhyme or reason to when that error box pops up. it’s very random. and now that i’m typing this question it’s making me think that’s when it disconnects since it’s rehoming

it definitely seems to be a connection issue. I held the cable at the port that I initially had an issue with during assembly and it didn’t fail through the entire job.

now I gotta battle support to get a new front to the machine where the power and motor plugs go. this should be fun

Fingers crossed…

I’m glad you were able to track down the problem.

ran the job an additional 2 times holding the port and it failed again. the usb seems to not sit tightly in the machine at all. Is this a common issue for this model? it’s almost like the usb cable has to go further in just a hair

I wouldn’t say it’s a common issue. At least, I haven’t heard of such.

Are you saying the USB port is lose? Just to be sure we’re talking about the same thing…

This port, right?

Please update your support ticket @ Ortur to include the new information.

Best of luck to you. I hope you get it resolved soon.

yes that usb port is the one I’m referring to. the port itself isn’t loose. The usb cable does not sit tightly in that port when plugged in. Seems to be a lot of play left and right when plugged in. Was just curious if others are finding this to be true as well. Thanks Will for all your responses. Getting a response from Ortur support is frustrating. It’s one response within 5 minutes of a problem with troubleshooting instructions, then I respond that those instructions didn’t change anything, and what else should I try and then you don’t hear from them for 2 days.

Yeah… You’re in the queue. :neutral_face:

Were you able to swap out the cable with a different one? That will help narrow down the where the deficiency is (port or cable).

I don’t think Ortur is a bad machine. At least, I haven’t heard or read anything where users categorically say it’s bad. I don’t have one so I can’t comment. It’s a Ford/Chevy thing. People swear by them… and AT them. Same with hobby lasers.

Hang in there. It’s loads of fun and there’s a lot of good content here and other places on the web.

i swapped out the usb cord for a new one. same issues. spoke to someone who said to turn sleep functions off thinking the usb port may be going into sleep mode somehow. same issues. I’m at a complete loss

could it be a grounding issue?

Im really confused because this doesn’t seem like a common problem or it would be all over the internet and forums

For the LM3 I really recommend setting up WiFi sending directly to the laser. It’s much more reliable in my personal experience. Ortur LM3 LightBurn Set Up Guide - YouTube

Connection issues are indeed extremely common and actually all over the internet and forums. A search on this forum will reveal a huge percentage of all posts being related to similar issues.

Grounding is absolutely a common issue. In fact, Ortur went through a campaign on an older machine addressing that issue specifically. The reality is that it doesn’t only affect Ortur machines.

There’s a page written for Connection Issue in the LightBurn documentation:
Connection Issues - LightBurn Software Documentation

Having said that, have you looked at configuring the wireless connection for your laser? That would remove USB as a variable, while potentially introducing others.

As I’m writing this I see Colin recommending the same thing…

I was able to speak directly with support and what an amazing experience. They helped me for over an hour and it seems like the connection problems have been resolved so far. Firmware 209 seems to address the connection issues. Fingers crossed

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