Connection of two objects to one cutting line

Hi, how is it possible to connect two objects in an svg-file, so that LightB

urn only see one line to cut. On the picture in the example if I zoom in, then I can realize that LightBurn sees two lines to cut.

  1. make sure that the two shapes you want connected are truly adjacent or overlapping
  2. select both shapes
  3. Tools->Boolean union

I’m reading the question a little differently.

I assume you want to cut out two pieces but you don’t want to make the horizontal cut twice.

Click to select one of the Outer shapes that you’d like to remove a line from. The outer shapes have probably been imported as closed shapes or paths. If so, you won’t be able to select just the horizontal line until you break it.

Click Arrange, click Break Apart.

With the selection tool (arrow on the left) make a selection box from Left to Right that covers both horizontal lines. This will select only the horizontal line from the Broken shape. Click Edit, then click Cut, now only the attached horizontal line remains.

I fought with Booleans, and Break Apart and Delete Duplicates but I couldn’t make it go. This might work for you. If not, please let us know.

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