Connection problem MINIGERBIL K40

I have a k40 laser with minigerbil. I have disconnections all the time, I have tried everything earth connection everywhere, isolation of the minigerbil card, usb driver, I have tried with two other computers and always the same. Stop in full work. Anyone have an idea?

Are you using the Gerbil-STM profile?

Yes, and still connection problems.

Do you get an error message?
I have had a similar problem, when troubleshooting I have to state that there are some differences in usb cables, another problem is often very short-term fluctuations in the current, occurs when cooling machines, compressors and the like are started.
A quick and cheap test is also to change the power supply for your Mini-Gerbil, sounds strange but has also been seen before.

OK thank you for your answer. What kind of food is needed for the minigerbil? Could you give me more information on food? Thank you

Sorry, there is an error in my description. Mini-Gerbil gets its power directly from K40 powersuply! (I was probably thinking of a diode laser in another comment).
But you have the option to set your power supply to external by moving a jumper, it is unlikely that your K40 power supply does not supply the required 5V, but then you have tested it.

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