Connection solution for Sculpfun S9 laser to Mach3 MKV-4 board

I bought a new laser head “Sculpfun S9” and would like to connect it to my Cnc Board controller is anyone help me Please?

I think you already have all information. Check the manual of the mainboard where you can find 12V voltage for the laser module and how to set 5V as the PWM voltage at the PWM pin.

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I found this information on your board. If this information is correct then it looks like PWM output is fine:

That means you should be able to connect PWM and 0V from controller to PWM and GND on laser module.

However, you will need a source for 12V as your controller doesn’t supply it from what it looks like. Either get a dedicated supply to get 12V or get a voltage converter to go from 24V to 12V.

Alternatively, return the S9 and get a 24V laser module.

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Thanks for your replay but I am not sure that PWM in my laser head working with 5v.

I would like to use S9, as you see in the control board I am able to use 12v instead of 10v but not sure if S9 PWM works on 12v or 5v

In description says:
Laser Circuit Board Parameters:
Circuit Board Size: 40*40mm
Circuit Board:12V/PWM modulation board
Input voltage: 12V
Max Input of laser module:12V 3A
Wire Rod:HY2.0, 3Pin terminal (3-core cable, A: PWM +, B: GND, C: VCC ).
Fan:12V 0.15A 4020 fan
Fan speed: 10000 rpm
Operating Temperature: -20 ℃ to 70 ℃

I’m not following you here. I see no source for 12V or 10V out from the controller.

S9 uses 12V for power, and 5V for PWM control. Based on what I saw of your controller it can send 5V for PWM control.

What you don’t have is a source of 12V from what I’m able to see.

Is this the description for the controller or for the laser module? I assume the laser module.

Yes, This is the description for laser module

But it says:
Circuit Board:12V/PWM modulation board
does it mean the PWM voltage is 12V?


It’s not totally clear. I read this to mean that it is a 12V system with PWM modulation. However, these lasers almost universally support 5V TTL logic. Most also support 3.3V. Some support up to 12V and ever fewer support higher voltages. However, for certain it will support 5V PWM. And requires 12V for power. Note the “Input voltage: 12V”.

Found this image on Amazon for the S9:

I take this to mean that it can take anything from 5-12V as PWM signal voltage.

Thanks for your explanation, I think you are right the voltage should be 5v for PWM and control the duty cycle

The Mach3 company said that I can not connect the laser module to this board but I do not believe it. :wink:

It’s connectable. The problem is the 12V for power. If you can provide a separate 12V source or find a way to downconvert the 24V to 12V you will be fine.

What did Mach3 say about this module?

I think I have the option to connect 12v-in instead 10v-in

What is that diagram for? For driving a spindle? I didn’t think those typically went through a stepper driver.

It’s not clear to me what the “10V-in” terminal is. I had thought that was expecting 10V input. Based on the diagram it looks like it’s providing +5V.

Is this documented somewhere?

I also assumed AVI was for analog voltage but I’m questioning that now.

It is shown on Mach3 manual and I think I have to used the PWM pin for my laser and ACM pin as -12v Ground and connect other wire for +12V

If it’s -12V then that wouldn’t be ground. Are you sure ACM is -12V? It shows as 0V on the controller which I took to mean ground.

Which other wire is this?

If you connect +12 to -12 you will get a 24V differential. I don’t think that’s what you want.

Do you have a meter? I suggest you measure the voltages and make sure you’re getting what you think you’re supposed to get.

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The Scuplfun support company said:
The model of S9’s laser module terminal is XH2.54 3PIN, the power supply voltage is 12V, and the PWM frequency range is 0.2-10khz.
Do you think does work with this board?

We’ve already mostly covered that. Nothing really new here.

Nothing’s really changed. From what I’ve seen I see no issue for this laser to work outside of getting 12V to the laser module.

I’ve seen nothing that says you have 12V anywhere on the controller. Can you not measure the output?

If not, again, you have the same options:

  1. somehow down-convert power to 12V
  2. get an external power supply to power the laser module
  3. get a different laser module