Connectivity issue with marlin

Manually configured USB connection.Marlin
I get a READY in the GUI.
But in Console, it states:waiting for connection.
I can however get a successful OK if I start another laser software first,disconnect that, then reconnect to LB, which results in READY in the GUI, and in console OK.
Then only can I laser something with LB
I would like this to be sorted before I spend a 1000 South African rands on a purchase.
Any ideas how to fix this?

There was another user that was able to get their Snapmaker (Marlin based) connecting properly by manually updating the driver for the usb-serial device. May be worth a shot.

UPDATE: I managed to fix the issue by reducing the port speed to 115200
Now, the console receives info from the printer, and responds with OK,
so I no longer need to user another laser app first to wake up the port.


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