Connects fine - project starts fine, stops mid-project. LightBurn reports “Busy”

In my case it’s my Atomstack A10Pro. Connects no problem and will start to run a project, but randomly stops mid-project. Lightburn will still report “Busy” and no information about the stop on the console.

Hi Bill, @Howmany

You may have more success by starting a new thread.

I’m going to move this into the Atomstack Section and keep an eye on it. I’ll take the first shot at the problem by inviting you to copy and paste the ‘welcome message’ from the Console window in LightBurn and paste it into a reply here.

It’ll be helpful to know which board, which build date and which firmware version you have.



Target buffer size found




Wow, I’ll have to watch some of these more closely…

With your Atomstack engraver connected to your computer please open the Console window in LightBurn, and type the following report requests:
pressing enter after each one.

Please select and copy these reports from the console window and paste them into a reply here.

After these reports are here, in the Console window in LightBurn, select the switch on the right hand side that says Show All.

Repeat the job.

With that switch on we should see all of the info that goes to and from your control board (including errors, restarts and occasionally system noise). When that information stops scrolling copy and paste the last 20-30 lines of that communication into a reply here.

Hopefully this will show us what caused it to stop.

Click on devices > Edit > Choose: GRBL-M3

Not sure if this will help for you but it did for me on the A10 Pro.

The Standard GRBL is the recommended setting for any GRBL after 0.9 ish.

If you want to run GRBL-M3, you can enable Constant Power Mode in the Cut Settings Editor to run in a compatible way with the earlier version.

Salve ho avuto anche io questo problema con una Atomstack A30 PRO. Nel momento in cui accendo l’air assist mi ferma l’incisione. Senza air assist va avanti senza problemi fino alla fine.

Hi, I also had this problem with an Atomstack A30 PRO. The moment I turn on the air assist, it stops my incision. Without air assist it goes on without problems until the end.

Just a friendly reminder not to openly post personal contact information on the forum. @Belva79 I edited your user name so it would no longer show your complete email address.

I can see how the air assist could cause problems. Electric motors generate EM interference and can cause disruptions in USB communications. I had an exhaust fan that caused similar problems and plugging it in to a different domestic power circuit with an extension cord was enough to fix the problem.