Conrhole Boards Problem

Hey guys so I’m engraving a cornhole board, the image will be fairly big and because I’m engraving this on the top plywood. It’s sorta cutting some decent depth into the engraving just like a 1/32" I’d say but enough to feel it. I feel as if this is going to mess up the bag sliding on the board, and tips or thoughts?

Lastly, Id like to know if I can simply just put masking tape over the project, have it engrave but not to much to where it cuts the wood but just the tape then paint over the masking tape now I got a perfect black or whatever color outline??

Regardless of the depth of your engraving, you can do as you suggest by masking. When painting the engraved portion, it’s possible to apply sufficient coats to fill in the engraving. One could use a non-spray method and apply multiple thin layers to build up beyond the surface. When dry, the surface can be sanded to remove enough paint to level the entire board.