Consider Overscan in Preview Time Estimation / Simulation

Hello community,

I have a question regarding the time estimation in the preview / simulation in Lightburn v9.
First of all thank you for the great improvement done already!

My questions:
Is overscanning being considered?
If yes, Is the automatic overscan of Ruida controlers being considered?

Comparing simulation times of the software with the real elapsed time, there is still a quite big difference. Around 25%

I guess this could be also caused by the hardware that is not delivering the expected performance, but I think that the automatic overscanning is not “simulated” for my Ruida RDLC320.

THanks for your thoughts,

Overscan is not currently considered, however any large difference is most likely because the preview settings aren’t automatic. Go to your device settings, then click on the Additional Settings tab, and adjust these to match the acceleration and cutting settings in your controller:


I’ll be adding code to pull them from the controller and set them for you before long, but the last release was already long overdue and I wanted to get it out.

Thanks for the quick feedback.
I did already adjust the settings to match my controller. The simulation results definitely got more realistic, but there I recognized that there is still a gap to real running time. I will play around and try to find the reason.

I think considering the overscan would anyways provide some benefits.
It woud give the option to determine the influence of engraving speed to the overall time. Lower speeds might decrease overall time as overscan gets less.
Additionally it would be possible to see if ordering by groups would improve overall time or not.

BTW, I tried to play around with the simulation settings and see the influence on simulated time.
Unfortunatelly I could not see any impact. changing for example Engrave Accel from 10.000 to 1000 did not change anything?
Did I miss something?

Thank you

Dammit - It’s not pulling the numbers from the settings. I’ll get that fixed right away, and I’m planning on doing a release relatively soon to address a few crashes and import bugs, so this would make it into that release. Edit: Fixed, and tested.


Tank you.
Looking forward to the upcoming release.