Consistent Crashing When Attempting to Select Masked Image, Curved Text, and ctrl+D

File attached. Try selecting the masked image and curved text all together and duplicating. I enabled the debug log as well, but it was empty. Maybe its just me (hope so), but thought posting it here would get to the bottom of it. Thanks!

CrashExample.lbrn (2.1 MB)

Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but the JPEG filename (in Lightburn, and on the Pixers website) has an extra JPG in the filename.

Code in Lightburn — File="pathname/stickers-sketch-of-india-landmark-taj-mahal.jpg.jpg

When I downloaded that same file, and removed the extra .jpg in the filename, and then deleted the .jpg.jpg file in CrashExample.lbrn and replaced it with the single .jpg file and reapplied the mask and duplicated, it didn’t crash.

That’s a sharp eye!

@Stroonzo - I can replicate the issue and am working on a fix.

This is a bit weird to me because I tracked down the reason it was crashing and I’m failing to understand how what you did with the file extension would’ve fixed it. I’m not in anyway doubting that the issue went away for you, I’m just trying to do due diligence and fully understand what happened.

Did you happen to also ungroup the shapes being used for the image mask? Because the reason I found for the crash was that the mask was grouped shapes.

You are right. I just did another test. I deleted the .jpg.jpg image in the CrashExample.lbrn and replaced it with the .jpg.jpg that I downloaded. Reapplied the mask, duplicated, and it was fine. I did not ungroup either time. I guess it seemed odd to me that the filename had the double extension. So, I guess I made an assumption on the double extension…and you know what happens when you make assumptions :slight_smile:

Hmm - ok. My guess in this case is a matter of order. Primarily it seems when the image is the first in the shape list (which is invisible to you, just means the first added shape) that you can get into a weird situation that will cause the crash. @Stroonzo just happened to be nice enough to make a file that got things in JUST the right state :wink:

Anyways, I’d say this confirms all my suspicions and I’m confident of my fix.

There’s a couple other small things @LightBurn is looking to fix for another patch release in the not-to-distant future so this fix should be part of that. Fortunately it’s not a crash that would happen all the time - it’s very situation and order specific.

Thanks for the help tracking this down @RalphU and @Stroonzo !

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I worked it all out and knew if I submitted the observation you guys would be on it. Have a look:

I think I might have seen this as well, Only twice maybe. I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing at the time though. still to many new things. great fun. My project files can get messy and I would crash every now and then when dealing with a grouped item.

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