Consol Laser Pass Count

Im using [VER:DarklyGRBL Rev 2.0.20180118:]

LightBurn Ver 0.9.18
Since the last two updates (0.9.16 - 18 ) I have noticed the pass counter feature has progressively stopped working. Not a big deal as the job finishes when its finished. Ver 0.9.16 the count became unstable by not advancing with the laser head (ie 1,2,3,4 etc). 0.9.17 thru to 18 the count now totals all passes at the beginning of the job.

Was wondering is this a grbl specific bug or LightBurn. As always no big deal, Lightburn running smooth as ever.

Which pass count is it that you’re talking about here? I didn’t understand your explanation.

If you have a LightBurn file you can attach that shows the problem that would help too.

Hi Oz, sorry was struggling this morning trying to clarify. Lack of sleep…

We want to see the settings and GCode this job produces and need the file to do that. :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing an actual problem here - It’s just showing you which pass it’s running. What is the issue?

The passes shown in the image are all listed at the beginning before anything has started to cut. Usually they are listed one by one as they happen not all at once.

I’m not at the computer at the moment so can’t send a file but this happens on all objects that are set to line mode.

I’m guessing you drew a rectangle. The controller has enough room in the receive buffer to hold quite a lot of data ahead of where it’s actually cutting, and LightBurn sends as much as it will hold. If you draw a circle or curved shape, they take more commands than just simple straight lines, so the command buffer would fill up a lot sooner.

Yeah sorry this is making it hard to answer. Yes rectangle, square, tabbed box etc. Versions 9.16 and earlier Lightburn used to count the passes 1 at a time no troubles. Last two updates it fails and just lists them all at once.

As i said no big deal in how Lightburn functions. Just a job timing feature that if handy.

What fails? Or do you just mean that it lists them all at once, and that’s what you mean by “it fails”?

Sorry if this sounds overly pedantic, but we’ve been getting problem reports lately that are really hard to parse, like, “it was working before but now when I push the button it doesn’t work.” Being concise helps us a lot.

After your first couple messages I tested this locally with a GRBL controller, and it showed the pass outputs just as expected, so I haven’t been able to reproduce this here.

No worries I understand the confusion, haha. Yes Lightburn lists them all at once instead of one at a time with each pass.

Going by your last sentence Im thinking there may be a broken (dll) or something on my system that doesn’t get repaired when updating. I will uninstall Lightburn tomorrow and any instances from windows registry before doing a new install.

Don’t worry too much about this issue as Lightburn itself works perfectly. Will updaet you as soon as I clean and reinstall Lightburn.

Hi Oz, after 3 days watching this error occur it appears to have corrected itself without me touching it. Who knows, the monkey in the room must have got bored and moved on.

Thanks for your help.

That’s bizarre, but I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

No argument from me either haha

Update to my earlier Layer Pass Count feature. the monkey has returned. Counter jumps to 4 passes immediately then proceeds to add extra pass at the 50% mark until it reaches max depending on what I have it set for when cutting.

It could be GRBL specific, Win 10 or it could be something on my machine. Either way no big deal. I will consider this a too hard basket for now and move on. haha.

Thanks again.

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